10 Uses for Empty Pill Bottles Around the House – DIY Projects

10 Uses for Empty Pill Bottles Around the House – DIY Projects

Looking for DIY uses for empty pill bottles? If they’re just laying around, put them to good use with an upcycling project or two! I did some decluttering recently and found a stash of empty pill bottles. I didn’t realize we’ve collected a lot through the years. I didn’t want to throw them out since they are on my list of things to never throw away. So what to do with them? Well, recycle pill bottles for DIY crafts and projects, of course.

1. Button Organization

I bet you didn’t think you could use pill bottles to corral and stack those buttons neatly. The supplies on the tutorial show plastic storage tubes, but pill bottles will work perfectly in this DIY project too.

2. Concealed Key Storage

Glue a rock to a pill bottle and you have yourself a concealed key storage. No one would think of searching random rocks in your garden so this is much better than hiding your key under the mat.

3. Pill Bottle Survival Kit

Survival kits have to be handy and portable. It’s a good thing you have pill bottles to organize and store them in.

4. Moisturizer/Shampoo or Conditioner Container

Going on a trip? Don’t worry about airline guidelines on liquids by using empty pill bottles for storage. You can use them to store shampoo, first aid ointments, and other things to help you pack light for your trip.

5. DIY Rainbow Crayons

Get creative with unused crayons and make chunky ones for your toddler. Upcycle broken crayons by making rainbow crayons using empty pill bottles.

6. Pill Bottle Cookies

Pill bottles are often used for DIY crafts and as waterproof containers. Who knew that you can also use pill bottles for baking? It makes a great inexpensive DIY cookie cutter.

7. Pill Bottle Light Garland

Looking for unique and affordable DIY pill bottle crafts? Do a little DIY decor by making your own pill bottle garland. Just put some string lights in them

8. Laundry Detergent Saver

Here’s a laundry tip: use empty pill bottles for front load washing machines to measure your detergent, bleach, or fabric softener.

9. Hair Clip Organizer

You’ll easily lose track of those hair clips if you don’t have a place to keep them. Never lose another bobby pin or hair clip when you do a little DIY organization with pill bottles.

10. DIY Makeup Board

Organize your makeup and makeup brushes with this DIY board. No one will recognize those pill bottles once they’re beautifully decorated and glued on the board.