5 Fun Wedding Theme Ideas

5 Fun Wedding Theme Ideas

Planning a wedding can seem a little daunting, but finding a fun theme to plan around can make it more fun! If you don’t want to make your wedding look like a birthday party, find inspiration through a theme to incorporate into the wedding. We’ve seen a wide variety of wedding themes pop up this coming year, and here are some of our favorites!

Modern Mexican

Who doesn’t love a fiesta?! Why not make your wedding into the perfect modern Mexican party! We love this this wedding idea, especially with a modern twist combined with the best of Mexican culture. The key to the wedding decor is to use a combination of aztec patterns, geometric shapes and neon colors to make it pop! Throw in a menu of authentic Mexican tacos, refreshing horchata drink, and a paleta stand for dessert, and you have yourself a fabulous party!

Harry Potter

I know there must be some die hard Harry Potter fans who would love to incorporate parts of the magical wizarding world into their wedding! Start off the excitement by sending out invites addressed to “Mr. H. Potter,” which I’m sure will spark interest for guests. Without making it look like a kids birthday party, you can include subtle details from the series, such as specialty drinks — pumpkin juice and liquid luck to name a few!

Beauty and the Beast

If you’re looking to feel like a princess at your wedding, you can always take inspiration from the famous fairytale of Beauty and the Beast! Take details from a timeless classic movie to make your wedding feel magical. Use a color theme of navy blue, dark rose red, and golden yellow to create beautiful invitations and decor! And who wouldn’t want to try some of the “grey stuff” from the famous “Be Our Guest” scene?! You can play around a lot with this idea and make it a fun yet elegant wedding theme.

Rustic Campfire

If you and your future spouse are super outdoorsy, then this theme will be perfect for you! Why not incorporate the great perks of camping into your wedding? Start off by making it an outdoor wedding, where you can set up different campfires and outdoor twinkle lights to make it feel more whimsical. On each table, set up baskets with small instruments that can be used for guests to sing songs together. Make sure you include a blanket basket by the fire-pit so that people can stay warm and get cozy. Overall, this is a genius idea for anyone looking for a outdoorsy and fun wedding.


What I love about having a themed wedding is how much more fun your reception can be. This carnival inspired wedding is sure to entertain all guests, including little ones. For guests to have a keepsake from the wedding, hire a caricaturist for a few hours and let the funny drawings begin! For centerpieces, get creative with a hot air balloon inspired piece. To top it all off, you can have different carnival games to keep all the kids entertained, especially where receptions can run long.